Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property (LAP) is a type of secured loan. A secured loan is a loan where the borrower mortgages his or her asset or property as collateral to the bank or the other lending institution. LAP could be used for several personal and professional needs such as house renovation, business expansion, purchase of a new machinery and other requirements. Typically the banks and other lending institutions offer loan against residential, commercial and industrial property.  A borrower usually gets a fixed percentage of the property value known as LTV (Loan To Value) as loan amount against the property. The loan to value (LTV) varies from one bank to another. Usually, the loan to value ranges from 40% to 70% of the property value. The borrower can continue using the property that is mortgaged with the bank for its respective use.

However, both LAP and Personal Loan could be used for personal and professional needs but the interest rates of LAP are comparatively lower than a Personal Loan. This loan variant can be availed by salaried, self-employed professionals and self-employed business owners. The banks offer LAP either at the fixed rate of interest or at an adjustable rate.

Purpose of Loan Against property

Loan Against Property could be used for several purposes mentioned below:

  • Business Expansion
  • Purchase of a new property
  • Purchase of raw material
  • For immediate working capital requirement
  • Acquiring a new machinery
  • Investment in new technology for business

Loan Against Residential Property

Let your property be a step of stairs for your dream. Get Loan Against property and use the fund to accomplish your dreams. Loan Against Property can be used for your personal as well as business use. A takeover of your loan with refinancing is also possible with Loan Against Property.

Higher Loan amount with Lower EMI.

Funds can be used for business as well as personal needs.

Flexible repayment - Option to choose between Dropline Overdraft Facility or EMI based loan.

Specially designed programs for the Self Employed

Loan Against Commercial Property

Apply for loan against commercial property with RDS. We will help you get a loan against your Commercial property. You can also apply for this loan if you need funds to acquire new property. A take-over of your existing loan with refinancing is also possible with Loan against Commercial Property:-

  • Attractive interest rates
  • Doorstep service
  • Easy Documentation
  • Fast Processing
  • Transparent Dealings
  • Loan against property – Commercial
  • Loan for purchase of commercial property
  • Take-over of existing loan with additional refinance (Balance Transfer)

Loan Against Commercial Plot

Why to get restricted in a small space of your office when you have enough space of land? Construction of your commercial plot is not a hard nut to crack. RDS provides you finance against your commercial plot. Now you can easily plan for your business to extend/improve by taking a suitable finance against your commercial plot.

Salient Features offered by RDS:

  • Door step services ensuring easy and fast approval & disbursal of loans
  • Excellent post disbursement services
  • Facility of enhancement in loan amount in the event of escalations in cost
  • Dedicated team of well-experienced employees who work on best-in-class information systems & network to deliver and provide 100 % customer satisfaction

Loan Against Rent Receivable

Loan Against Future Rent Receivables has been developed considering the growth potential in the real estate sector in various metros and urban centers, where many commercial properties/shopping malls are being developed and the owners approach banks for loans against securitization of future rent receivables from such properties


Higher Eligibility: On your net rentals, you can enjoy higher eligibility & benefits from this loan.

One for all: This loan is for property owners, whether they are individuals, proprietors, partnerships, corporates, trusts, regional bodies, or HUF and have rented out property for lease.

Loan Purpose: purchase of property, debt consolidation etc